A Cry For Help

The first time I spoke to you on the phone was a surprise, and my first chance to be a knight in shining armour… of sorts. You’d come to visit me at home, to spend time with me and to see the PlayStation VR… but first you had to tackle the Redcar Roads… You’d got lost!

“Help me, I’m lost!”, as you’d ended up on the wrong estate. I met you there, jumped in and we went to my house where you met my mom (on the second date!) and we went to the Wacky Warehouse for our one and only meal there together (you had Chicken with Cheese and BBQ… I don’t really remember what I had, I think it was Sausage and Mash?) and it was very average!

It was an amazing second date, only cementing how much I’d fallen for you already. I couldn’t have been happier.