I Couldn't Have Been More Proud

This is so odd for it to be a good memory for me because it was such a difficult time for you. It had been a long time coming and I genuinely couldn’t have been more proud of you for going through with it all after such an ordeal. Hours of waiting around and talking to people, being put in uncomfortable situations, but it was your time to have your say. I was so happy to be by your side, I’ve never been more proud of anyone.

Then we went out on the night, it’s something we hadn’t done enough but you deserved it and I was excited. We went to Macy Brown’s and had the best time, drank some amazing cocktails (Strawberry Daiquiri is definitely manly, right?) and told you how special you were and how I didn’t ever want to let you down. I promise to always give you my all, for you and for us.