Our First Holiday

The Grand Hotel in Scarborough will forever be our first holiday, an overnight break away in what can only be described as a rather special hotel, although not really for the right reasons. We didn’t realise at the time how lucky we were just to have a window!

Bird poo, netted windows, feathers everywhere, but I could only see you. The most beautiful person in the world. We went out for a meal at ASK Italian (after getting the worst look from a woman in Pizza Express!) and you fell for a new man in your life, Kyle, as well as the breadsticks and cheese starter!

A nice night of drinking, the longest walk to the toilet in the Scarborough Flyer pub and the realisation that we were a lot closer to our hotel than we thought all made up our first night away. Hunger struck as we raided the vending machine before ordering a takeaway on Just-Eat. Little did I know that I would be the only person in the Hotel that was up downstairs, holding the front door open with my foot. I’d forgotten my phone and if I’d let that door shut I’d have been there a very long time!

It was a great takeaway. We spent the night cuddled together, Watched Good Will Hunting. You even accidentally farted right in my face.

It was perfect. You are perfect.