This doesn’t even begin to cover a fraction of the incredible memories I have with you already, but just some for you to hopefully read back on and enjoy.


Laying on my bed at my grandmothers after working away, I remember being excited to send you a message. Already


It had only been one night of messaging and laughing, but I knew you were special. From the moment you


After a failed attempt to meet up the prior week I was so excited to see you for our first


The first time I spoke to you on the phone was a surprise, and my first chance to be a


If the second date was incredible the third was unforgettable as we skidded, careering around a bend, bouncing off the


I was so sad that you were working Christmas and that your family was away. I was so confused, so


We decided to go for a walk by the sea on a brisk December afternoon. It was a beautiful Winter


We decided we weren’t doing Christmas presents, fortunately for me, you spoiled me rotten for my birthday only a week


“There’s loads of Seals at Tees Barrage.” There wasn’t. On the plus side, I definitely earned style points for handling


The Grand Hotel in Scarborough will forever be our first holiday, an overnight break away in what can only be


We left early the next morning, sneaking out worried the neighbours would see us. Whilst the breakfast was average we


This was so exciting and different, and I couldn’t wait to spend it with you. We decided to spend some


I don’t think I can accentuate how important February 22nd was. I’d only recently met your parents at the store


Today’s the day I had an interview at Animmersion in Middlesbrough. You’d made me feel like I couldn’t fail, that


Visiting Whitby, a place I’ve always loved and found special, with you, someone who feels the same way, was an


Having someone truly special, you care for and who can can treat on their birthday is an experience I could


The second trip to Whitby was maybe even more memorable than the first if only for it was the time


Never forget.


Durham is odd because it should be a negative, but I remember the day so fondly. You bought me a


I’ve never felt more a part of your family than when Neil came to visit and we went to Sirkar’s


A late night stop by Tees Barrage, this time without slipping(!) and it was beautiful. It rained slightly but I


This is the day that was the start of the big change. My Interview in Newcastle. I say it was


This is so odd for it to be a good memory for me because it was such a difficult time


It wasn’t the first time we’d been to Whitby, but it may have been the most perfect. A pirate ship


On September 29th you treated me to the greatest gift a man could receive. The SNES Mini! An early Christmas


I’ve perhaps never felt more like an adult than when we visited ScS looking for what will be our first


After just 9.5 months I finally got to meet Hayley, Joely and Charlotte! It’s ridiculous it took so long but


A whole year. Twelve months. Three hundred and sixty five days. It’s been the quickest, most incredible year of my